You know the one thing ive learnt in a long distance/military relationship?
Is that when shit hits the fan & hes away, you have to be strong.

Sometimes you just don’t have the option to tell your man whats happening back at home, sometimes he doesn’t have the choice to tell you whats happening with him either. You both just have to deal.

And I don’t mean the type of strong where you take a few deep breaths & go about your day.

No, im talking about the gut-wrenching, sobbing-in-the-shower, crying - yourself-to-sleep, but still get up in the morning and continue on with life type of strong.

The type of strong where you can feel your heart being torn, the type od strong where all you need is HIS hug but instead you pick up his call and say, “im okay. How are you baby?”

Sometimes this can go on for weeks, maybe even months.

Thats what I’ve learnt …. sometimes you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have ♥


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Happy birthday in heaven Grandma, I love you❤️👼

Country is country. It don’t matter if you’re from the South or the North. It don’t matter what kinda clothes you wear or what color your skin is. Country is what’s in your heart and the way you live life. So don’t tell me that i’m not ‘country’ because i’m from the North.

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Honestly, I think my favorite thing about riding is the amount of inner strength and humility it teaches you. To succeed in this sport, you have to persevere through all the hardships that come along with the journey, have patience during your struggles and rejoice in your successes. There is truly no place, no experience, no heaven greater than the back of a horse.




Having none of your Lion bullshit today.

That time when you see your best friend
getting bullied and you flip an absolute shit.

Holy fuck

Holy shit