Happy birthday in heaven Grandma, I love you❤️👼

Country is country. It don’t matter if you’re from the South or the North. It don’t matter what kinda clothes you wear or what color your skin is. Country is what’s in your heart and the way you live life. So don’t tell me that i’m not ‘country’ because i’m from the North.

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Honestly, I think my favorite thing about riding is the amount of inner strength and humility it teaches you. To succeed in this sport, you have to persevere through all the hardships that come along with the journey, have patience during your struggles and rejoice in your successes. There is truly no place, no experience, no heaven greater than the back of a horse.




Having none of your Lion bullshit today.

That time when you see your best friend
getting bullied and you flip an absolute shit.

Holy fuck

Holy shit



elephant showjumping


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She’s afraid of falling off and re-injuring her collarbone, so that’s her reaction to a horses buck? 

what the fuck

How not to stop a horse from bucking.

I vote we… dispose… of her.

She deserves to be bucked off if she thinks doing that is acceptable

Wow. This is really hard to watch without cringing.

read the description. her excuse for pulling so hard is “he’s in a very soft, expensive bit” i just don’t get why she kept going that hard for so long after he stopped bucking cause then it isn’t even a momentary lapse of judgment, it just looks like anger.

She caught the horse in the mouth over the jump too. She deserved the buck. So the “punishment” should have been to herself not the horse.. But that’s just my opinion. Cuz if she did it once it was bound to have happened before. Poor pony boy.

When she turned around again to smack that horse I literally felt my heart hurt for that poor guy, that is NO way to handle that situation. No excuses just no.

oh she deserves a beating not the horse.. if you catch your horse in the mouth it’s your fault the fact that she’s punishing him because she is scared to fall off is fucking stupid.. if YOU make a mistake YOU get the punishment NOT the horse.. oh i hope she falls off one day for being an ass hole like that and breaks another bone or two

I can tell you RIGHT now that horse is NOT going to stop bucking but it sure as hell is going to get some crazy new habits she ain’t gonna like

Not even a bloody buck it’s a tiny pigroot…

Holy fuck why is she even allowed to ride? I don’t care what kind of fucking bit he has in his mouth, a horse would not open his mouth nor react like that if it didn’t hurt 

You should see her other videos..I don’t like to put other people down but she really needs some better training herself. Just way she rides makes me want to cover my eyes.

this was so hard to watch without cringing. lay off your horses mouth and lose your crop because your horse didn’t deserve that. If you don’t know how to use a crop properly you don’t deserve to carry one.

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Eye for Eventing by MDavisPhotography

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